We host high-end, invitation only wealth forums focused on one-on-one appointment style meetings tailored to the needs of the financial services industry.

About Us

The old trade-show model is a dinosaur in an age where markets move fast, competition is fierce, and everything comes down to an ROI calculation. Spending hours at a tradeshow booth hoping for some foot traffic, and then hoping that the foot traffic is comprised of qualified leads is an inefficient use of time for both Fund Managers and the Wealth Advisors that attend those shows.

The value proposition for our Wealth Forums is very simple – Make the communication between Advisors and Fund Managers efficient and effective. We understand what the wealth management industry needs in order to be successful. We are here to facilitate this.

Advisors want access to the highest quality, timely investment solutions. However they can’t spend countless hours a week listening to sales pitches and wading through hundreds of investment products. They don’t have the time for that, they want to spend their time working with their clients.

Fund Managers want to shorten their sales cycles. To do this, they need qualified prospects who are motivated to learn about their investment solutions. Meeting with decision makers and creating meaningful relationships is crucial to moving prospects through the pipeline.

Global Trend Events is the solution.
We thank you for your support.

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