We host high-end, invitation only wealth forums focused on one-on-one appointment style meetings tailored to the needs of the financial services industry.
Hear what our clients are saying about the GTE Wealth Forum

“With 30 years in this business, and after countless due diligence trips and wholesaler meetings, Stephanie and her team have truly engineered the greatest Wealth Manager Forum around. If you are lucky enough to be invited, go! The balance of high-powered, time-effective meetings with key representatives of firms, paced with an appropriate amount of fun and entertainment, was extraordinary.”
Douglas Flynn
Flynn-Zito Capital Management

​“Global Trends is simply put, one of, if not, the best networking event I have ever attended. Their ability to create an environment where advisors and fund managers can connect, discuss, and assess their compatibility without distractions is second to none. The staff leaves no detail out of the immersive experience they strive to create in order to provide optimal results for all parties in attendance.”
Robert Tutela
Chief Compliance and Portfolio Manager Essex LLC

“I have had the good fortune to attend several GTE gatherings in recent years, and I keep going back because of the value to my business and the irreplaceable interaction with top quality firms represented. Stephanie and her team run such a well-organized event that it is hard to imagine a more efficient use of my due diligence time.”
Douglas W. Gill, CFP
Partner and CEO
Castleview Partners, LLC

“Stephanie and her Team at Global Trend Events will host one of the best due diligence conferences that I’ve ever attended. Not only was the venue top-notch, the event was well-choreographed with the perfect blend of networking opportunities and due diligence meetings. The high-caliber attendees on both sides of the table make this a MUST ATTEND for any RIA firm.”
Barry S. Arnold
Director of Research
Global View Capital Management

“I’ve been to multiple seminars and countless trade shows, and by far, the Global Trends Event was the most impactful and beneficial use of my time! Instead of walking past booths all day, we were able to sit and have quality conversations with several managers in the industry.”
Douglas C. Kuhlman
Managing Partner
Paradigm Wealth Management

“I was able to have efficient and productive meetings with many firms and portfolio managers at Global Trend Events. The event was extremely organized and well run. I came away with many good ideas and multiple firms I expect we will do business with in the future.”
Matt Sapir Ristuccia, CIO
Argent Wealth Management, LLC

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