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I’m a Fund Manager – Why Should I Attend?

  • GTE Wealth Forums are high-end invitation-only events for top-tier fund companies and senior decision makers at premier RIA firms.
  • Each Fund Company participates in a minimum of 16 one-on-one twenty-five-minute meetings with Advisors over the course of two days.
  • All Advisor attendees are senior investment decision makers (typically CIO, Heads of Research, Presidents, Partners, MD’s).
  • Each Advisor has a minimum of $250mm AUM. Our average size Advisor is between $1-$2bn. Majority of AUM run on a discretionary basis.
  • Advisors are significant users of Mutual Funds, ETFs, Separate Accounts & Alternative LP Structures.

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Qualified leads means shorter sales cycles.

It is increasingly difficult to identify good prospects, and even more difficult to secure time with decision makers. Competition from rival firms is fierce, and Advisors are busier than ever dealing with clients and attempting to wade through the dozens of wholesaler calls they receive on an average week. How do you efficiently get one-on-one time with motivated prospects for your products and create the type of relationships required to close new assets? At the GTE Wealth Forum, we create an atmosphere to network with the goal of closing the deal.

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Develop Productive Relationships

Many Fund Managers rely on industry conferences to get face to face with new prospects. However, sitting at the booth all day hoping for some foot traffic between education sessions is hardly a good use of your time. Those traditional industry conferences don’t filter out unqualified leads nor give you the dedicated one-on-one time you need to develop productive relationships.

Join us for two days of guaranteed one-on-one meetings with decision makers at qualified prospect firms, all of whom have either requested to meet with you, or that have confirmed a request by you. GTE Wealth Forums are invitation-only events designed to make the best use of your time and ensure that you walk away with high quality prospects and new relationships that are more likely to translate into assets. You will join an executive level group of peers in a super luxury resort, for an intimate event designed to get you in front of the right prospects and drive assets into your products.

Global Trend Events is Your Solution

  1. Efficient Use of Your Time: GTE Wealth Forums are high-level business meetings, not traditional trade shows. We invite only qualified senior level investment executives with specific portfolio needs. We aim for a minimum of a 1-1 ratio between Wealth Advisors and Fund Managers. There is no wasted time at the GTE Wealth Forum.
  2. Minimum of Sixteen, Twenty-Five Minute Pre-Scheduled Meetings with Motivated Buyers: Both the Advisors and the Fund Firms request meetings.
  3. Limited Competition: We limit the number of fund managers who can attend, and we seek to minimize overlap in product categories to maximize your return on investment.
  4. Detailed Custom Information & Contact Information Provided: Global Trend Events creates a detailed profile of each Wealth Advisory firm including in their current investment needs. You also receive full contact information for all Wealth Advisors to ensure you can effectively follow-up.
  5. Invaluable Networking: Relationships drive business success; GTE Wealth Forums are tailor made to develop these relationships through various high-end activities and parties.
  6. Cost Effective: The cost to attend is less than half of a traditional industry trade show, yet the GTE Wealth Forum provides far more targeted and impactful business development opportunities.

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What Types of Advisors Will Attend?

There are several GTE Wealth Forums tailored to specific investor channels, thus the requirements are different for each channel. Our recently completed GTE Wealth Forum set a minimum asset level for RIAs, Bank Trusts and Family Offices at $250 Million in AUM. While the requirements differ for each event, the bar is consistently held high to ensure the exclusive nature of the event.

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What Types of Fund Managers Will Attend?

The GTE Wealth Forum seeks to provide a broad mix of firms ranging from high quality emerging managers to some of the largest firms in the world. The product selection from each firm is reviewed in advance of an invitation in an attempt to have represented a broad set of asset classes and strategies. Industry leaders in specific assets classes are always prioritized, as are managers referred by Wealth Advisor attendees.

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Cost to Attend Once Qualified

  1. Please call for sponsorship fee: two senior representatives included (preferably one senior sales person and one portfolio manager representative)
  2. An additional executive from your firm may attend for an additional charge
  3. Guaranteed minimum of 16 meetings, up to 26 over two days – Included
  4. Quality networking – all scheduled meals and activities – Included
  5. Advisor Briefing Book Provided Prior to Meeting Scheduling (~30 data-points per Advisor with inside look at what types of solutions they are seeking) – Included
  6. Directory of all participants with contact information – Included

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