To learn more about this exclusive opportunity please watch the video below. If you have questions or would like to attend an upcoming conference, please click on the button below to complete the pre-registration form. A representative from Global Trend Events will be in touch to complete the qualification process.

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I’m an Investment Advisor – Why Should I attend?

  • GTE Wealth Forums are invitation only for senior executives and attendance is limited.
  • Efficiently research top quality investment solutions from fund managers you want to meet.
  • Network with other top executives.
  • Opportunity to streamline your due-diligence process
  • 3 nights at a luxury resort & airfare free of charge.
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High Quality Investment Solutions:

You have a lot of demands on your time and your clients require your full attention. Meanwhile you need to keep up to date on the most timely, high quality investment solutions. Yet Fund Managers offer a dizzying array of products and fending off dozens of wholesaler calls and meeting requests each week is very time consuming. How do you efficiently manage your investment process while still effectively servicing your clients?

Join us for two days of one-on-one meetings with leading Fund Managers whose investment strategies match your unique client needs. GTE Wealth Forums are invitation-only events designed to make the best use of your time and ensure that you walk away with actionable intelligence. You will join an executive level group at a super luxury resort, at no cost to you, for an intimate event designed to create relationships, learn and improve your business.

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Global Trend Events is Your Solution:

Efficient Use of Your Time: GTE Wealth Forums are high-level business meetings, not traditional trade shows. We invite only senior level executives, and you choose with whom you meet – only companies that have been pre-qualified by us and pre-confirmed with you. There is no time wasted at the GTE Wealth Forum.

Qualified Fund Companies: We hand select the industry’s most respected and innovative companies. A Fund Manager briefing book is provided prior to meeting scheduling with an inside look at what types of products they are offering.

Invaluable Networking: Network with other top executives, share ideas and gather valuable market intelligence. Enjoy 3 fabulous networking dinner parties and an exciting optional final day activity unique to the location of each event.

Luxury Location: GTE Wealth Forums are held in top-tier luxury resorts befitting of your status in your industry. Wealth Forums are working events; however, it is a stress-free environment with built in breaks for plenty of time to catch up with work at the home office.

No Cost:  As a qualified, invited attendee you will receive all of this at no cost to you or your company:

  • Airfare – Included
  • Three nights hotel accommodations – Included
  •  All scheduled meals and activities – Included
For More Information: 888-556-3226

What Types of Advisors Will Attend?

There are several GTE Wealth Forums tailored to specific investor channels, thus the requirements are different for each channel. Our recently completed GTE Wealth Forum set a minimum asset level for RIAs, Bank Trusts and Family Office firms at $250 Million in AUM. While the requirements differ for each event, the bar is consistently held high to ensure the exclusive nature of the event.
For More Information: 888-556-3226

What Types of Fund Managers Will Attend?

The GTE Wealth Forum seeks to provide a broad mix of firms ranging from high quality emerging managers to some of the largest firms in the world. The product selection from each firm is reviewed in advance of an invitation in an attempt to have represented a broad set of asset classes and strategies. Industry leaders in specific assets classes are always prioritized, as are managers referred by Wealth Advisor attendees.
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We Ask for This Commitment:

Attend a minimum of 18, twenty-five-minute one-on-one meetings with the managers of your choosing. Meetings are pre-scheduled via our portal. You have the option to decline meeting requests from managers to ensure you are meeting only with those firms in which you are interested. Building relationships is a cornerstone of our events. We require all Advisors to attend all scheduled meals, parties and activities to ensure you are getting the most out of our events.

For More Information: 888-556-3226